Thursday, March 23, 2006

KELO: Those of us in the ministry know

... that the supposed constitutional doctrine of Separation of Church and State protects the government from us but does not protect us from the government.
Another step was taken toward the destruction of the Filipino Baptist Fellowship building March 13 when the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency Board voted 6-0 to condemn the church in order to build condominiums, despite testimonies from community members regarding the public good that flows from the religious institution.

“I had no illusions that we were going to stop the vote, but what was most discouraging yesterday was the utter lack of any evidence on why this was necessary to cure some blighted areas blocks away,” John Eastman, director of The Claremont Institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence who is defending the church, told Baptist Press. “They didn’t bother to answer that. That was their legal obligation, and they went ahead and condemned a church anyway.”
The CRIB has posted on last year's assinine KELO decision several times. Along with others, we've warned of the potential for confiscation of tax exempt church properties by calloused municipalities.

As more and more mismanaged local governments become cash strapped they will logically look at the tax rolls for fixes; that tax "exempt" properties pop-out makes sense. The problem is churches are more cash strapped than mismanaged governments.

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