Saturday, March 18, 2006

MSN: Black and white and red all over!

That is the paper of record, The New York Times. My friend Mark Coffey, at the ever on top of things Decision '08, chastens the Times for a major editorial gaffe regarding Abu Ghraib.
A front-page article last Saturday profiled Ali Shalal Qaissi, identifying him as the hooded man forced to stand on a box, attached to wires, in a photograph from the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal of 2003 and 2004. He was shown holding such a photograph. As an article on Page A1 today makes clear, Mr. Qaissi was not that man.
As if that was not enough there's this ...
The Times also overstated the conviction with which representatives of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International expressed their view of whether Mr. Qaissi was the man in the photograph.
The question for this preacher is the same question I ask myself when my kids or members of my congregation lie ... in what else can't I trust them?

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