Saturday, March 04, 2006

PCUSA / MARRIAGE: PCUSA refers to Northern California as abnormal!

That's right!

"A regional judicial commission of the Presbyterian Church (USA)" determined by a 6-1 margin that same-sex marriages "were consistent with the 'normative standards' of the region." That means, since approximately 80% of the citizens of this country oppose same-sex marriage (i.e., they are normal), that all of you folks in Northern California are abnormal.

Don't yell at me! They said it, I didn't!
A longtime Presbyterian minister who was the first of her faith to be tried for officiating at the unions of gay couples was acquitted Friday of violating her denomination's position on same-sex marriage. [...]

Because the section of the faith's constitution that reserves marriage for a man and a woman "is a definition, not a directive," Spahr was "acting within her right of conscience in performing marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples," the tribunal said in a written ruling.
Let me see if I understand this:
  1. if a married but bi-sexual person gains access to a PCUSA pulpit,
  2. and then a married couple asks to marry a third party because they love one another,
  3. and that minister does so,
"a regional judicial commission" of the PCUSA would not have a problem with it
  • because the minister acted within his/her "right of conscience"
  • and because their constitution is denominational is definitional with regards to marriage?
The PCUSA can do what it darn well pleases but I have a question concerning this: where is what God wants and where is His word in all of this?

Oh, yeh? And the people in the pews? Are they okay with this?
In its majority opinion, the tribunal of the Presbytery of the Redwoods, which oversees 52 churches from north of San Francisco to the Oregon border, noted that Spahr's actions were consistent with the "normative standards" of the region.
Do you hear what they're saying about all of you north of SF and south of the Oregon border? They're calling you abnormal! In the now famous word of Alf, "Ha!"

God help us!

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