Tuesday, March 07, 2006

PRO-LIFE: Somethings stay the same and then

... some things don't!
When 20-year-old Courtney found out three weeks ago that she was pregnant, it hit the single mother - already struggling with a 1-year-old - like a brick. She cried, she talked to friends, and she came to a heart- wrenching decision: She wanted an abortion.
I guess this is one-roll-in-the-hay wisdom. "I didn't think it would happen to me." That's the mantra of young women who find themselves pregnant today.

And where, pray tell is the father? Perhaps one of three or four?

Come on! Get real! I don't know what the circumstances of the first child were, the report doesn't tell me. But if life was so tough, Courtney, you should have kept her knees together. No excuse! Wanted or not, that child in her womb had no part in her decision to have sex.

Now, because she's a liberated but weak woman of the world, we are faced with being complicite in her problem. None of us had anything to do with her decisions either.
Abortion, Murder, Pro-choice, Pro-life"This is supposed to be a country of freedom. I don't think you should have to feel humiliated about a choice that is best for your own life," she said.
It is a country of freedom; the freedom to choose abstenence. Duh!

There you go, Courtney, blaming others for your mistakes. "It's not my fault!" If that isn't the epitaph of this age, I don't know what is.

Sorry Courtney, I don't have a nit of compassion for you. Look at it this way: you want to kill your innocent, defenseless baby, you take no responsibility for the child, you want the taxpayers to pay for the killing, you choose to be a part of our nation's rather than a part of the solution, AND you want moral people to turn a blind eye to what you are doing.

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