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ROUNDUP: Kingdom News (6 March 2006)

... the CRIB believes is worthy of notice.


First person comments by Act One member on their behind the scenes efforts to change Hollywood.
A Christian's look inside Hollywood
Barbara Nicolosi works in Hollywood -- and loves it. She's also a Christian trying to make a difference in the movie industry.
And the following is supposed to be good news ... I don't think so!
Trinity programs seen in "about every country"
TBNTrinity Broadcasting Network today owns about 36 full-power stations, is carried via about 40 satellites around the world and is broadcast in “just about every country,” TBN attorney John Casoria said.


And the following is the kind of stuff I would like to be involved in if I had two lives to live.
Drawing on the Past for a New Bible
Bible, Monks, ArtWith the help of computers, calfskins and turkey feathers, Donald Jackson is reviving a lost art form by creating a Bible by hand, at a cost of about $4 million.

The St. John's Bible, a seven-volume, illustrated endeavor scheduled for completion next year, is the first handwritten Bible to be commissioned by a major religious institution in 500 years. [...]

It is "one of the extraordinary undertakings of our time," according to Smithsonian magazine.
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I've been to a Cowboy Church service at the PBRA Finals in Las Vegas; apart for the location and some of the dress you'd not know it from any other contemporary service.
Fellowship brings church to rodeo
"Cowboy Church doesn't require the four walls of a church to make it happen," said John O. Smith, former chairman of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and a Cowboy Church attendee for 34 years. "This service could be held anywhere, it's kind of the cowboy way."

More than 150 people attended Sunday's service sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys, an organization based in Colorado Springs, Colo. The room was a mixed crowd of volunteers, fellowship members, event staff and even a few security officers.


Now the a sect of the Chosen People in America is going the way of political correctness and Brokeback Mountain ... of course they were shepherds way back in the beginning!
Conservative Jews Consider Ending Ban on Same-Sex Unions and Homosexual Rabbis
In a closed-door meeting this week in an undisclosed site near Baltimore, a committee of Jewish legal experts who set policy for Conservative Judaism will consider whether to lift their movement's ban on gay rabbis and same-sex unions.

In 1992, this same group, the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, declared that Jewish law clearly prohibited commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples and the admission of openly gay people to rabbinical or cantorial schools.

God know His own for they know His voice so I love the irony of this ... go Cohanims!

Catholic priest finds priestly root
When the Rev. Bill Sanchez was a little boy growing up in Santa Fe, his family expected he would become a [Catholic] priest. [...]

And, as Sanchez recently discovered through DNA testing, he is part of a priesthood tradition thousands of years old. It turned out to be Jewish.

Catholic, Sephardic Jews, Priests, CohanSanchez carries a genetic marker identifying him as a member of the Cohanim, a Jewish priestly line descended from Moses' brother Aaron. His ancestors were Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain after 1492 and the onset of the Inquisition.
So the scientific world is showing us how God will know who
are His chosen people! He put a Hebrew marker in their DNA.

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I've stopped being surprised by this kind of stuff ... the "Painter of Light" a drunk, a grouper, a cheat, an idolater [greed], indecent (relieving himself in public), and foul-mouthed? Say it isn't so!
The "Painter of Light" has some shadows
Art, Kincade, Painter of Light... some former Kinkade employees, gallery operators and others contend that the Painter of Light has a decidedly dark side.
I can't do the story justice in this small space so I'll let you read the full story here.


And the heretic rolls on ...
Carton Pearson, Pentacostal, Heresy
Carlton Pearson has still got it. The dapper clothes. The voluminous vocabulary. The toothy smile.
Thank you Pentecostalism for another real beauty!

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