Friday, March 24, 2006

STEALTH ABORTIONS: Aussie Money kills in USA.

Fertile Australian couples have been seeking a controversial embryo gender screening procedure in the US, a treatment banned in their home county.
A California fertility centre has performed the hi-tech procedure on about 14 Australia couples [...]

The procedure involves fertile couples undergoing IVF to produce embryos [... .] A cell is then extracted from the embryos to determine the gender.
The Institute's director said their clients "had no problems making babies and the procedure was known to be 99 per cent accurate." In other words, it kills 99 out of every 100 babies conceived.
"We've got a lot of interest from Australia," [the director] said. "And they are all having a fit about the laws in Australia outlawing sex selection."
Wonder what his clients reaction will be when they stand before the eternal law Giver and hear what He's ourlawed.

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