Friday, July 28, 2006

CHURCH STATE: Perhaps el presidente has not heard of the wall of separation and the ACLU?

It sounds good, but so did Fidel and Che at first ... even Mao's rhetoric was pleasing to the ears in the first few months. But the continuing need for grave diggers kind of burst those bubbles.

But is Evo a different kind of Socialist?

Bolivian Catholic Church "must change now"! BBC NEWS
Bolivian President Evo Morales has called for change within the country's Catholic Church.
Morales said Catholic leaders should understand the need for freedom of religion and belief.
Recent census figures confirm a majority of Bolivians claim to be Catholic.
"I want to ask the [Church] hierarchies that they understand freedom of religion and beliefs in our country," Mr Morales said.

"It's not possible to impose their views. I am very worried by the behaviour of some Catholic Church leaders, who act like in the time of the Inquisition."

He insisted Bolivia would continue to respect the Church.
We'll see if both are true respect for the Bolivian Catholic Church and "freedom of religion and beliefs"!

Of course any nation with a centuries old constitution is asking for trouble when the decide to draw up a new constitution ... consider the mess Iraq made of theirs.

Nowadays, special interest groups always seem to get their way at the expense of individual freedoms.

Good luck, may the God of Scripture open His heart to you and thwart the evil schemes of Satan.

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