Tuesday, July 11, 2006

DISHONOR DUE: Shamil Basayev (1965 - 2006) - Ultimate Cowardice!

Alan Senitt (see previous post) gave his life in service of others, finally offering his life in the ultimate act of chivalry; this venomous Muslim toad used the lives of others in sevice of his own self-interest ... especially women and children.
[Shamil] Basayev, 41, claimed responsibility for some of Russia's worst terror attacks, including the seizure of a Moscow theater in 2002 in which dozens of hostages and militants died, the 2004 school hostage taking in Beslan that killed 331, and the seizure of about 1,000 hostages at a hospital in Budyonnovsk that killed about 100. [FoxNews]
Where he is going he won't be able to hurt any kids or women. In fact, according to Gates of Vienna, there will be a little surprise waiting to instruct him in the ways of fire and brimestone, and his surprise won't be virgins, at least not the kind he expects ...

[Image courtesy of The Brussels Journal]

Basayev has been the head of the fanatical Muslim Chechen rebels for a number of years but he lost his head-ship on this mission.

A fitting way for a killer Muslim to die, having his head taken off just like he and his like do to the Infidels!

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