Monday, July 03, 2006

INTELLIGENT DESIGN: "Information does not bubble up from a random flux or prebiotic soup."

No, it certainly doesn't and that fact can be reasonably and rationally used in the defense of ID.

Discovery Institute posts on a National Review article and Fox News interview of Institute senior fellow, George Gilder (admittedly a self-promoting literary gadfly and peripheral member of the intelligensia) ...
"Wherever there is information there is a preceding intelligence."

"Everywhere we encounter it," Gilder writes, "information does not bubble up from a random flux or prebiotic soup. It comes from mind. Taking the hierarchy beyond the word, the central dogma of intelligent design ordains that word is subordinate to mind.

Mind can generate and lend meaning to words but words in themselves cannot generate mind or intelligence."
I know there will be a quick response by naturalists and materialists, considering Gilder's public record, but it's encouraging to hear logic once in a while!

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