Thursday, July 27, 2006

SERVANT DEATH: One of Christendom's great Anglican theologians has died - Leon Morris 1914-2006

I am not happy with myself when I miss the passing of one of God's truly great servants; Leon Lamb Morris was such a servant.

I have several Morris volumes in my library and I love each one; not only a prolific writer but one who wrote with clarity.
Leon Lamb Morris was perhaps Australia’s most prolific biblical and theological author. He wrote over fifty books of theology and biblical commentary which have sold nearly two million copies worldwide and been translated into many languages. This is an astonishing output for an Australian writing technical or academic books. He was well-known throughout the Christian world as a careful, conservative biblical scholar.

Extraordinarily, Morris received no formal theological education, apart from two years of supervision for his doctorate in Cambridge. He was self-taught theologian who brought his rigorous and disciplined training in scientific enquiry to his study of the Bible and theology. [Read Full Obituary]
I'm saddened by the dirth of Anglican acknowledgements for Dr. Morris' passing. If you know of any, please let me know?

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