Wednesday, August 23, 2006

BLUEGRASS: If you're not a bluegrass fan this post won't mean anything to you!

You see, a number of the tunes The Kingston Trio made well-known to the flower-children of the 60s were known to Bluegrass and Americana fans long before the halls of American Colleges and Universities knew about them (e.g., Tom Dooley).

The same was true for The New Kingston Trio who carried on with the sound after the orginal KT broke up.
Jim Connor's banjo once was lost, but now is found, thanks to eBay and a sharp-eyed friend.

The Vega Vox Deluxe, made especially for Connor, was stolen 35 years ago during a New Kingston Trio tour, when Connor was a member of the group.
It evidently pays to search eBay in your spare time ...
One of his former music students recognized Connor's signature doodle when the banjo turned up for auction on eBay and stopped the sale.
Much has changed in the past three decades; not only is everyone older and thicker but Jim Conner is now the Reverend James Conner ...
With the cooperation of the seller, the prayers of the congregation at Browns Presbyterian Church -- where Connor now serves as supply pastor -- and $5,000, the musician and his banjo are making music together again.

This time, the stage is often the pulpit.
Those of us over 55 can take a trip down memory lane by reading up on the songs we used to sing at the top of our lungs as we drove our battered old cars down to the local hang out on Friday and Saturday nights to meet the gang.

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