Wednesday, August 16, 2006

THE CHURCH: Who are these people who tell us what to do and not to do?

This post had a serious error in its content which has now been corrected.
Suddenly there are pastors, theologians, politicians, actors, evangelists, professors, and rock singers all telling me and my church what God insists we do for our ministry.


I know an editor decides on the headlines and captions in a piece like this but I must object to the whole article if the headline speaks of the content.

Who decides for the church where she must "engage," man or God? Who gave these people the right to sit in judgment of my church and what she does or doesn't do? [cf. Romans 14:4]

Who are Jim Wallis, Rick Warren, and Greg Boyd to tell my church where her ministry priorities are to be or not to be?
Religious leaders and politicians grappled with the issues of abstinence, leadership and the US government’s HIV funding policies on the second day of the XVI international AIDS conference.
I can hear their challenge now, "Are you still ignoring the dying AIDS victims in Africa?"

I wish they would ask because I just might tell them!

Where do these people get off deciding for the rest of us where we will allocate our God given resources? Who are they to step between us and our Sovereign Lord?

Surely, the struggle for the Sanctity of Human Life (abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research) and the 4 thousand million plus daily victims is equally critical. Some division of the Christian Army must be stationed on that front? Not to mention the wars on porn, drugs, molestation, and the homosexual agenda!

Sorry guys, AIDS is horrible and a mighty burden on mankind, but until my Lord convinces me elsewise, I will persevere with what I've already been given to do and wait upon the Lord to change my priorities.

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