Thursday, August 17, 2006

DISCLAIMER: This blog is not a Republican-Evangelical blog.

With elections coming up this year and in 2008, I thought it wise to separate the purpose of The CRIB from the personal views of the brand owner.

Though you will hear a decidedly right lean at The CRIB, we are more RINO than anything else. In fact, truth be know, I am probably more Libertarian than Republican on national issues and more Independent than Democrat on social issues.

I am far right of Jim Wallis and no where near the shakers and movers in today's Democratic party (e.g., Kennedy, Kerry, Dean, LaMont, Clinton, et al). Were I to live in Connecticut I wouldn't hesitate to vote for G.I. Joe. I don't always agree with Falwell, James Kennedy, Dr. Dobson, or Rick Warren and almost never agree with Pat Robertson, Ozzie Ozburn, or Bono!

The CRIB is for God and His Kingdom. I pray His forgiveness and mercy when I bring any dishonor to His name or cause ... and I do more often than I'd like to think about!

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