Thursday, August 10, 2006

EUTHANASIA: Belgium - not a shaker or mover on the world stage ...

But Belgium is a first class "shaker" when it comes to shaking traditional moral standards; and not too shabby of a "mover" when it comes to moving the boundaries of traditional social mores.
Belgium is one of the few countries where the liberal agenda has been pushed so far that, apart from abortion and gay marriage, euthanasia is also allowed by law. However, "market failure" is now jeopardizing the right of Belgians to die.
It seems the drug Pentothal is the drug doctors (sic) choose to use for their murders in Belgium; problem is the drug is in short supply ... read not available due to brand and packaging issues.
So far Pentothal was sold in packets of ten ampullas, while one or two ampullas suffice to kill. Hospira has decided to start selling packets of only one ampulla in Belgium, but while the old packets have been sold out the new are not yet available.
Brussels’ leading euthanasiast, Prof Wim Distelmans, explains their conundrum ...
"The intention of euthanasia is to bring the patient into an in an irreversible coma in an elegant and reliable manner. Pentothal is the only drug which can do this."
Don't you just love the Orwellian double-think - "in an elegant and reliable manner" actually means, "We murders-em, but we don't use no chain sawr."
Belgian doctors register 30 cases of euthanasia every month, though Distelmans suspects that most euthanasia deaths are not registered as such. He estimates that the actual number of people killed through euthanasia is five times as high.
So let's pray this "market" continues to fail ... of 150 people a month, perhaps 5% have a change of heart? Actually this would be a good pro-life strategy, pray for production interuptions to continue.

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