Tuesday, August 08, 2006

EXODUS: Movie director/producer puts his money where his mouth is!

Two recent stories caught my eye: the first is about James Cameron's decision to produce and direct a documentary on the possible reality of the Hebrew exodus from Egyptian captivity; the second has to do with scientific evidence of a rift in the floor of the Red Sea.

I'm entirely willing to accept natural explanations for biblical events if convincing evidence were forthcoming. A naturalistic explanation for the parting of the Red Sea would not upset my faith in God's supernatural power to create such an event. Any God who can open the earth and swallow an entire family of rebellious Hebrews can part the seas anyway He wants to.

I simply thought these two seperate articles were interesting when juxtaposed. Cameron ...
... the director who created an apocalyptic vision of the future in "The Terminator" films is now using his considerable Hollywood pull to tell another story of biblical proportions - the Exodus.

... Cameron, the creative force behind such mega-blockbusters as "Titanic," "T2" and "Aliens," has teamed up with investigative journalist Simcha Jacobovici to produce a provocative new documentary called "The Exodus Decoded."

The 90-minute film sheds light on what Cameron and Jacobovici say is previously overlooked archeological evidence that the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt - recounted in the Bible - actually happened.
Add to that the elevated interest in a crack in the earth's crust runnig from Syria, through the Sea of Gallilee and Dead Sea, then on to central East Africa must be more than a conincidence. At least it is for those of us who believe in a literal return of the Lord Jesus Christ and a parting of the Valley of Kidron as mentioned in Revelation 16:16-19.
The Red Sea is parting again, but this time Moses doesn’t have a hand in it.
MSNBC (photo of rift)
Times UK Online
HT: Christian Headlines

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