Friday, August 04, 2006

GWOT: Someday my children or grandchildren may read this old geezer's blog mubblings!

In the event any of you have shown up here in say 2016 or 2026, I want you to know why I supported Israel in their war against the Hezbollah, why I supported Western Civiliation in the GWOT in 2006 (including President George W. Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard), and opposed Coffin Anon and his Unified Nutcases.

Listen to me very carefully: I am doing this because our way of life, our beliefs, our traditions, our nations, and our people are being horribly threatened ... bottom line, at this very point in history there are millions of Muslim fanatics in the world who want to kill me and my family and anyone else who stands in their way of global domination!

And there are others who are not Muslims that apparently could care less if they did.

That is why! I
f, perchance, that is not enough and history has not been kind to us, look up for the answers are above ... Christ Jesus alone is the truth! And forgive us where we err, but I will fight to the death for our way of life with the information we now have, right or wrong, to the death!

My blog ministries are my sword but my flesh I will place on the line of battle where and when God provides me honor to do so!

HT: Black Kettle

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