Thursday, August 10, 2006

INTERNATIONAL INCOMPETENCE: It was the worstest of times and the worser of times ...

That title's not funny! That's the way A Tale of Two Cities opens, right? At least to my kids before they were teens. But still it's not funny.

Coffin Anon, UNSG, warned today ...
The war in Lebanon and northern Israel should not distract attention from events in Gaza, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has warned.

The killing of civilians, including children, in Gaza was "utterly unjustifiable", his spokesman said.

Three people died in an Israeli strike on Wednesday, including a little girl. [BBC]
These words seem somewhat strange from a man who has let a little border war between holy freedom fighters and some filthy Jews take his mind off the thousands of Dafarians who are dying every month, and whose women are being raped daily.

President Bush and the American people are no different ...
Three weeks ago, with President Bush supplying the weaponry and moral support, Israel began bombarding Lebanon. The war has killed hundreds of people, galvanized international attention and may lead to an international force of perhaps 20,000 peacekeepers.

Three years ago, Sudan began a genocide against African tribes in its Darfur region. That war has killed hundreds of thousands of people, and it is now spreading. There is talk of U.N. peacekeepers someday, but none are anywhere in sight. [Passion of the Present]
What's a couple hundred thousand Muslim darkies to a handful or two of "displaced" Arabs; displaced by those blood-covered Zionists ... devils every one?

Christians and Jews world-wide are praying to God for Israel; it's in the headlines ... I haven't seen news about prayers like that for the Darfurian refugees. Shame on us!
The moral of the story? Never, ever be born to a tribe that is victim to genocide in Africa.

Arabs have often argued that Americans have a double standard in the Middle East: We are more solicitous of casualties in Israel than in Gaza or Lebanon. I think they’re right, for a variety of reasons. (One is that terror attacks are particularly newsworthy; another is that journalists are more likely to live in Jerusalem than Gaza.)

But if we have double standards, so do Arabs. I sympathize with their horror at what is happening in Lebanon, but I wish they were just as outraged when Muslims slaughter Muslims in Darfur.

Even the world as a whole has double standards. The U.S. and European countries are working frenetically on a U.N. solution in Lebanon, and there is talk of rapidly sending European peacekeepers to stop the bloodshed. In Darfur, there is nothing like as much interest in what is often considered the ultimate human crime: genocide. [Passion of the Present]
How true, how true: "as you sow, so shall you reap!" [Galatians 6:7-8]

Red Sky!! [BBC]
See! No one's blogging on it either!

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