Monday, August 14, 2006

ISRAEL: They've lost their right to exist - Norwegian author!

"Sophie's World" author's comments create storm of controversy in Norway. Apparently not everyone is able to say the royal motto "Alt for Norge" (All for Norway) without some hesitation today!
An article in a leading Norwegian newspaper last weekend lambasted Israel and Judaism and said Israel has lost its right to exist in its present form.

Entitled "God's chosen people," the article by author Jostein Gaarder in Aftenposten is raising a storm in Norway. Gaarder, author of the book "Sophie's World," ["26 million copies of his book have been sold"] links the Israel Defense Forces' acts in Lebanon to Jewish history and foresees the coming dismantling of the state as it exists today, with the Jews becoming refugees.
Sadly there are those who like the idea ... but the strongest critics follow ...
Jewish journalist and music critic Mona Levin [who] spoke out in public against Gaarder and said she was shocked by the Norwegian government's silence. She blasted the cabinet for not denouncing what she described as "the most appalling thing I've read since 'Mein Kampf.'"
I must admit that I don't hear much of anything out of the Norwegian government, ever!
Speaking to Haaretz on Tuesday [11 August 2006], a day before he stopped talking to the media, Gaarder said he was misunderstood and emphasized that he is a friend of Israel and the Jews.
He could probably say the same thing of Hitler and Nazi Germany!

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