Friday, August 25, 2006

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Canadian Bishop says Parliment must revisit "mistake"!

Last year Canada's pantywaist parliment caved into gay special-interest extortion and redefined marriage. Not all Canucks were filled with gleeful or even gay thoughts as a result!
Canada's Parliament made a "terrible mistake" when it redefined marriage last year, said Bishop Richard Smith of Pembroke, Ontario, to the 800 women present at the annual national convention of the Catholic Women’s League last week.
Should the Lord delay His return for a century or two, this generation of social engineers and psychobabble addicts will be remembered as a "terrible mistake" in and of themselves.
The bishop told the women in Halifax, August 15, that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's promise of a Parliament vote in the fall on whether to reopen the same-sex marriage debate, offers "a rare second chance" to revisit the issue, Canadian Catholic News reported.
Join me in prayer for this "rare second chance."

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