Wednesday, September 20, 2006

GET REAL: Few Black Churches Get Funds

I could just as easily say, "Few Small Churches Get Funds." Come on, give us a break! We're not stupid out here!
The Bush administration's faith-based initiative is reaching only a tiny percentage of the nation's black churches, most of which have limited capacity to run social programs, hampering the initiative's promise of empowering those congregations to help the needy, according to a study to be released today.
This is phony statistical analysis. Anyone, I repeat, anyone with a modicum of knowledge about churches could pick from a dozen demographics and come up with the same headline just change one word ... e.g., "Older," "Slavic," "Deaf," etc.

MSM's critics are right, they're a bunch of pampered airheads, swirling around in a vacuum, blowing little nothings into the wind! Who are these people and where do they come from? And why does the public let them do this!

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