Friday, September 15, 2006

IRAN: Keep Your Eye On the Bouncing Ball

When I was a teen ... way back before the flood ... me and my friend Methuselah would go to the movies together. During the intermission ... for those of you under fifty, an intermission was a break between movies ... the theaters showed newsreels, cartoons, and commercials for their concession stand.

Some of the cartoons and commercials had lyrics to songs scrolling across the bottom of the screen, a pong ball bounced from note to note acting as a surrogate conductor, leading all of us in singing the silly little ditties.

What amazed me was how many of us actually sang; like little robots we joined in on the first bounce, not realizing we had a choice.

The European Union and the United Nations reminds me of those audiences. Iran's Am-inee-da-job bounces along the script, and the EU and UN ... heads bouncing, hands clapping in time ... join in right on cue.
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has said he is encouraged by talks between the EU's foreign policy chief and Iran over Tehran's nuclear programme.
That's paragraph one. Paragraph three reveals the real lyrics.
However, talks set for Thursday between the EU foreign policy chief and Iran's top negotiator have been postponed.
It's the same song, different lyrics but the same message.

Don't buy it folks. They want the bomb and they want Israel annihilated! We have a choice here, we don't have to sing their song.

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