Monday, October 16, 2006

BLOGGING: In the Never Ending Fight Agains Evil ...

I have signed on with Less People Less Idiots "Where parody sinks to depths so deep that you'll need a bucket, a shovel, and a flashlight." Nothing will change concerning The CRIB ministries. I may not post as much but then maybe my posts will improve.

About a year ago, my friend the Rev. Billy Bob Gisher, who is LPLI, hinted at my being part of his stable of writers (there may be three). At that time I thought, what does a Baptist preacher have to do with a secular social activist and his considerable blog rantings.

I tried to ignore the temptation and the distasteful thought of more work. However, for reasons only God knows, Billy asked me again, only this time it was to put up a weekly op ed piece on "page six" of his growing blogging empire. I said what the heck!

The real motivator, other than his winning personality and popularity, was his recent effort to shut down or move You Tube's porn videos so the kids can't catch the sickies. I can't tell how appealing it is to perhaps be used to put a dent in their filth.

You can catch my first post here. Pray for me since I am lord and master over six blogs and now have two group blogs I support.

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