Wednesday, October 18, 2006

CHURCH GROWTH: Novel Solution for Our Facilities Problems On the Mission Field

As many of you know, we now minister in a small fishing village on the coast of mainland Mexico, a little deserted out of the way place called San Carlos.

Our people don't have much ... it's Mexico for crying out loud ... so anyway, we were trying to decide how we could have a parsonage, an office, and a new church facility without breaking the church's financial back.

Well, the elders and I came up with a novel idea ... we got this off the shelf combo facility at less than General Steel could build it ... what do you think?

Cool, huh? If ever you're down this way, we're not hard to find, and we left a light on for you too!

Our problem is, eveyone waits till the last minute to put their dingies in the water on Sunday morning and so we have a lot of gridlock around 8:45 AM.

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