Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MISSIONS: Medical & Dental Teams Visit San Carlos & Guaymas ...

Yesterday was election day in the USA; people this year didn't go to the polls and vote their values, consciences, or hearts ... no they went to vote their animus and hatred.

This is a season of getting even, of getting a pound of flesh, of evening the score, or taking someone
down; it's a time of reflection on all that is bad in our nation.

This is a time when we need to hear something worth living for!

You all know I'm the pastor of a great church in San Carlso, Sonora, Mexico ... right?

I've been gone for a week (thus no posts for the past few days), now I've returned to my adopted nation to say goodbye to one mission team and welcome another.

ROC Wheels Team
The mission team we're saying goodbye to is ROC Wheels. These guys have come down here for the second year in a row. Wayne Hanson of Montana, is the founder, & inventor in residence of this non-profit organization.

Babcock is the inventor of the three-wheeled baby jogger-stroller you see all the cute chicks running behind. Apparently, he made his millions and, being a Christian man he founded ROC Wheels in order to build a better, cheaper wheelchair for the disabled in third world nations.

ROC Wheels' teams have been to Iraq, Ukraine, Jamaica, Benin, and the West Bank (Video: WinPlayer or RealPlayer) ... and of course Mexico.

All the wheelchairs and trip expenses are paid for by ROC Wheels ... ain't that great? Wanna help? Go here!

Medical Team
The mission team we're saying hello to is from Canada. There are three doctors, two dentists, several nurses, and a group of about 12 volunteers not to mention the volunteers from our church. The entire group comes at their own expense and they use their vacation time.

This is one of many trips this group has bought down to the people of Mexico. All of the supplies and equipment are paid for by the team. Who says Canada is a spiritual wasteland with no heart for the down and "oot"?

Well, that's what I came back to ... what will you come back to after your vacation? In fact, where will all of you Christophobiacs be spending your vacations?

The hosting facility is also supported by our church; it's an orphanage and medical clinic started outside the city of Guaymas, among the poor, not far from San Carlos. This is the under-construction clinic where the dental team served the Lord ...

It was started on and is sustained by the faith of two wonderful Americanos, Jesse and Jenny Navarro ... who left everything in the USA and came to Mexico with very little more than faith.

See! Not everything in this God forsaken world is as bad as you might think. Many people are out there doing things to honor their deeply held spiritual beliefs.

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