Tuesday, January 02, 2007

REVIEW: Jodie Cowles - The Minor Protection Act (VMI Publishers)

In the true spirit of "The Butterfly Effect," Jodi Cowles develops a tale of a insecure, success motivated lawyer, Jack Stone, who discovers the unintended consequences of his big victory in a liberal Northern California civil case.

Three chapters in and I knew a winner was in my hands. As well written as any Ludlum or Grisham I've read, only MPA addresses my worldview. Cowels locked me in right to the last drop of ink on the final page.

Excellent fiction, a great read, and a real frustration because the theme is all too feasible. On a scale of 1-6 MPA gets an 8 from this reviewer. To my knowledge there have been no other novels in this area of adult conspiracy fiction.

A hypothetical scenario is develped to show how easy it would be to enact freedom robbing legislation by an overzealous government and an ignorant public. A call for tolerance becomes an excuse for intolerance in the best tradition of Political Correctness. In fictional form the author reveals all that is wrong with the liberal agenda for recreating American society in its own image.

Court decisions like KELO and the Massachusetts Supreme Court's decision to order legislation to legalize pervert marriage, and legislation such as "no child left behind" are all too real for those who've been watching the legal stage in recent years.

Did Cowles succeed in communicating her prophetic intentions? Yes she did! To bad the vast majority of Americans will never know it. Would I recommend the book to others? Yes, most definitely.

The bio on the book jacket is entirely inadequate to tell us who Jodi Cowles is; shame. Jodi resides in Boise, Idaho and this is her first novel.

This book was provided free by the author and publisher through the agency of Active Christian Media. I received no compensation for this review.

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  1. Anonymous12:04 AM

    what exactly is 'pervert marriage"? I have seen lots of married perverts - ie plenty of married men I would call perverts because they leer and perve on women... but somehow I would imagine that is not what you are talking about.