Friday, July 20, 2007

ANTI-SEMITISM: A Sin-disease With No Rational Whatsoever!

After all the senseless anti-semitic evil Europe has seen in the past three or four centuries, I'm dumbfounded that it apparently continues relatively unabated. FoxNews reports ...
The number of anti-Semitic incidents in Britain increased by 34 percent last year, according to records collected by the Community Security Trust, a charity that monitors antisemitism in Britain and is regularly cited in government reports for being more comprehensive than police data.

That was the biggest annual increase since 1984, when the charity began collecting figures. Based on current projections, the number of incidents this year is on track to equal last year's.
That there might be one act of antisemitism in a nation of 60 million is to be statistically understood; but frequent acts in a "civil" society is unthinkable and inexcusable.
According to a poll in the London Times in December 2005, 37 percent of Britain's 2 million Muslims agreed that all 268,000 members of the Jewish community were legitimate targets because of Israel's policies.
No question the seed of Isaac and the seed of Ismael have a history; but ask yourself what you would think if in a poll by the London Times 37 percent of Britain's 268,000 Jews agreed that all 2 million Muslims "were legitimate targets because of Islam's policies"? Or even 15%?

There would be an outcry
only exceeded in history by a volcanic eruption of Krakatoa's magnitude.
"Bigots try to make all Jews responsible for the actions of the only democratically elected government in the Middle East," John Mann, a member of Parliament, told

"Anti-Israeli sentiment does go over the line to Antisemitism," said Mann, who chaired a bipartisan committee that studied antisemitism in Britain.

Israel-bashing has been fueled in Britain by militant left-wing trade unionists, academics and some members of the British press who regard Israel as an apartheid state determined to eliminate the Palestinians.
The names have changed but the faces and the worldviews are the same!

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