Monday, July 23, 2007

MUSLIMS SPEAK OUT: The Islamic Shell Game!

Well we've been crying for the moderate Muslims of the world to speak out and evidently some of them have chosen to do just that in the joint WaPo & Newsweek effort - "Muslims Speak Out: What Islam Really Says About Violence, Human Rights, and Other Religions!"

The index to the articles is somewhat confusing ... at least to me! It appears to be a week's worth of daily offerings; so you'll have to be committed to following up to get it all!

Another immediate problem with the index is that in the list of writers, there are a lot on non-Muslims speaking out! Not a good sign for a piece titled - "Muslims Speak Out!"

UPDATE [26 JULY 2007]: I hate to tell you I told you so! But I told you so! Read carefully the next quote ...

Egypt’s top religious advisor attempted Thursday to clear up controversy that had been building up this past week over his reported statement that Muslims are free to convert to other faiths. - The Christian Post
Now read the rest of this post; when you are done click over to read more on Gomaa's lying lips! DON'T TRUST MUSLIMS TO TELL THE TRUTH ... period!

The first offering
is from Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of Egypt; and though he espouses a peaceful understanding of the Koran, Jihad, Islam, and militancy, I must ask how this could be?

Either a "Grand Mufti" is an insignificant office in Egypt or this man is lying in the tradition of many of Muhammad's followers. The press for years has been filled with reports of barbarous acts by Egypt's Muhammadans against non-Muslims or anyone who would dare stand up to Islam's "my way, or your dead" political doctrine. [UPDATE: This just in ... Persecution Blog from VOM second item.]

In Gomaa's own words ...
When jihad actually does take the form of armed struggle, Muslims are aware that it can only be done for the sake of a just cause.
The operative phrase is the latter: "for the sake of a just cause." A "just cause" to a Muslim is anything that fits the Muslim worldview holding that non-Muslims are garbage and must be disposed of ... a free pass to any action you feel is pertinent at the time: for example "honor killings," "Christian conversion," or "blasphemy of the prophet."

He does make the following statement which is a beginning perhaps ...
No excuse can be made for the crimes committed in New York, Spain, and London, and anyone who tries to make excuses for these acts is ignorant of Islamic law (shari’ah), and their excuses are a result of extremism and ignorance.
Apparently, not all Muslims are fond of Ali Gomaa's moderate views; see the comments to this point here ...

If you have a stomach for sincere drivel you can read former UN Secty. Gen. Coffin Anon's Jimmy Carterisms here ...
The idea that we are witnessing some kind of “clash of civilizations” is a grave misunderstanding. True, there are increasing levels of tension and conflict opposing different societies and cultures in many parts of the world. But one only needs to look beyond the headlines to realize that the roots of this antagonism are primarily political, not religious. Faiths, in themselves, do not generate hatred or violence. It is the exploitation of faith for political ends that has created hostility among the faithful. This is precisely the conclusion of the Alliance of Civilizations High-level Group’s report, presented last November in Istanbul.
Lordy! I need an antacid!

Georgetown University makes an effort at something but without substance; it really reads more like the text of a public relations brochure from the university's Interfaith Studies Department.

I couldn't get the piece "Why It Matters" by John Meacham and Sally Quinn to load; apparently the server was too busy. That's a good sign ... really! I just hope they truly know why it matters!

Well, bottom-line, I've only ever wanted them to start talking publicly.

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