Tuesday, August 07, 2007

ANTISEMITISM: What's in your closet?

You just never know until the Fat Fraulein sings!
Adolf Hitler, the most notorious champion of Richard Wagner and “racially pure” German music, banished Jewish and Russian musicians from the concert halls of the Third Reich — but apparently listened secretly to their work.

New light has been shed on the Nazi leader’s musical tastes by the discovery of what are said to be a hundred of his gramophone records found in the attic of a former Soviet intelligence officer, Lev Besymenski.

“There were classical recordings, performed by the best orchestras of Europe and Germany with the best soloists of the age,” Mr Besymenski said in a document explaining how the records came into his possession.

The 86-year-old, who helped to interrogate captured Nazi generals, died this summer.
Heilige Kuh! Die ist eine feine Geige! I guess we could say, "Roll over Bethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news!"

Matt Castille

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