Wednesday, August 15, 2007

IMMIGRATION: Deporting 16 million illegal aliens!

While looking for my bunny slippers this morning I realized something was troubling me about this morning's "Ark" post ... that we can conceive of such futuristic scenarios as is described in this NGS article (sending the human archive to a lunar station; ditto to Mars later ... ostensibly to preserve the human data bank) ... but cannot conceive of deporting 16 million "illegal" aliens from our sovereign nation to preserve her boggles the mind.
The founders of the group Alliance to Rescue Civilization (ARC) agreed that extending the Internet from the Earth to the moon could help avert a technological dark age following "nuclear war, acts of terrorism, plague, or asteroid collisions." (Read: "Killer Asteroids: A Real But Remote Risk?" [June 19, 2003].)

But the group also advocates creating a moon-based repository of Earth's life, complete with human-staffed facilities to "preserve backups of scientific and cultural achievements and of the species important to our civilization," said ARC's Robert Shapiro, a biochemist at New York University.

"In the event of a global catastrophe, the ARC facilities will be prepared to reintroduce lost technology, art, history, crops, livestock, and, if necessary, even human beings to the Earth," Shapiro said.
We are, I am told, 250,000 miles distant from the moon; the mean average distance to the border of any foreign nation on earth is roughly 5,500 miles. A combination of buses or planes or trucks would be used to transport the deportees to their respective borders; from the beginning to the end the logistics for accomplishing this might be about five years, the cost of the project couldn't exceed 500 million dollars.

I presently do not have the mathematical or logistical means to do a comparative cost analysis per essential element at my disposal; however, based on some quick scribbles on the back of last year's tax return, I estimate NASA's project would cost somewhere between 40 to 80 times as much with zero immediate or direct benefit to American tax-payers.

"What say you?"

Mr. Barlowe

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