Thursday, August 30, 2007

TERROR: True, just don't forget the name of this game!

That's right, the press (here and here) is reporting the release of the last of the Korean Christian hostages held in Afghanistan. We should all be grateful to God that this nightmare is over ... for the moment.

However, let's not forget the name of the game these jerks play: TERROR! It's not secular idealism, it's not Muhammadism, it's not geopolitics, and it's certainly not religion. It is terrorism and murder and kidnapping and intimidation and fear and hate and evil and every other sick thing men do in their effort to rule over others.

AND DON'T YOU SUPERFICIAL LOW-LIFE NINCOMPOOPS EVER FORGET THE TWO YOUNG MEN (here and here) WHO WERE MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD before your bleeding heart, relativistic globalistic comrades appeased these butchers. AND DON'T YOU SPINELESS WIMPS EVER SLEEP AT NIGHT AGAIN WITHOUT REMEMBERING THE PRICE THE WORLD WILL PAY FOR YEARS TO COME because of your lowbrowed political worldview.

Increased amounts of opium will flow into the West as a result of the appeasement conducted behind the scenes by nameless and soulless politicians and bureaucrats. That doesn't even address the reality that they will just take more Westerners as soon as the bank the ransom.

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