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ESCHATOLOGY: World Ended in 1928!

The article above was found in a rare book in my library (see picture below) but where was I?

The text is as follows ...
Los Angeles Times – December 30, 1927. – [PART 1.]


Paris Seer Predicts Fall of Meteorite Next Summer,
Death of Many and New Civilization Rise

[Copyright, 1927, by Chicago Tribune]
PARIS, Dec. 29. (Exclusive)—Prof. Pav, astrologer and seer, has astounded Paris by prophesying the end of the world in the summer of 1928. The professor, in an interview, gave details concerning the cataclysm which, in the opinion of many savants, marks the calling into the heavens of the true church, as foretold in the Bible.
"The end of the world is imminent, but the globe will not be totally destroyed," Prof. Pav said. "The constellation Lion, from the effect of some unknown force, will explode. A tremendous noise will be heard all over the world. Multitudes of stars composing the Fubulae will smash and a rain of falling stars will be visible in the sky.
"An immense block, like a gigantic meteorite, will fall on the earth. The rupture of the planetary equilibrium will not cause disaster to the entire system, but the same night a bitter cold wave will be felt, and in the morning there will be ice and snow, although the catastrophe is due to occur in summer.
"A large number of people will die in all corners of the globe, crops will be frozen and famine will conclude the hecatomb.
"The most terrible part will be the falling on the earth of a colossal meteorite. The earth itself will be jolted from its orbit by the shock, but magnetic forces will prevent it falling and colliding with another planet. Large areas of land will disappear and new continents will appear.
"At the end of the cataclysm only a relatively few people will survive.
"Afterward nature will resume her task and man will become wiser and more tender. The bases of the present civilization will not be destroyed entirely. The survivors will create new social system, based on the respect of human life and confraternity.
"All holy scriptures and writings point to the year 1928 as being marked with a special sign. It is possible that, owing to changes in the calendars during the centuries, there is a discrepancy, but the catastrophe will certainly happen during a summer night.
"Savants will be able to warn us in advance of the approach of the bolide."
Regarding the Latin word "fabulae," I found two possible understandings of the context: first, the correct spelling, dealt with Gaius Julius Hyginus (ca. 64 BC – AD 17), a Latin author, who collected ...
Fabulae consists of some three hundred very brief and plainly, even crudely told myths and celestial genealogies, valuable for the use made by an author characterized by his modern editor as adulescentem imperitum, semidoctum, stultum of the works of Greek writers of tragedy that are now lost. []
The second had to do with a possible mispelling; instead of fabulae, Pav intended "fibulae" ...
"the outer and thinner of the two bones of the human leg, extending from the knee to the ankle" []
Since Pav referred to the constellation Lion (Leo) it is possible he meant the leg bones of the celestial image; however, the editor (tongue firmly planted in cheek) took opportunity to poke fun at the whacko through an allusion to ancient mythologies (or fables).

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