Tuesday, November 20, 2007

BLACK AMERICA: Poll IDs root problem with contemporary Black America!

Without realizing it, blacks, in voting for their "Top 25 Most Influential African-Americans," revealed the root problem with Black-America today.

Yes, Virginia, there is a real problem in Black-America.

The resulting list is telling ... more for the absence of certain Uncle Toms - like Secretaries Powell and Rice, Justice Thomas, columnist Sowell, conservative Connerly, and half-breeds such as Tiger Woods and Halley Berry - than for the inclusion of sycophants
such as the Right-Revs Jackson and Sharpton, smut peddlers like Rhimes and Harvey, the heretic Jakes, and the now indicted Bonds!

Reminds me of an old Black-American Zen question I'm acts all the time: if a really gifted Black-American walked into any of a number of black ghettos in America, would the bros in the hood hear the sound?

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