Wednesday, January 30, 2008

APPLAUSE: Calling on leaders to take responsibility!

Applause for J. Lee Grady's February first column in Charisma Magazine. The article is titled "The Fuzzy-Wuzzy World of Charismatic Morality," and calls to task several of this past year's more notorious Charismatics ... by name no less.

Brother Grady you have my respect for your courage; congratulations to Strang Communications for theirs as well.

A few weeks ago The CRIB lambasted Grady and Charisma for lacking the courage to do the right thing in light of all the embarrassments coming out of Pentecostalism the past few years. This piece, though constrained by space, takes a giant step toward calling a spade a spade.

One aspect that might be too easily ignored is the plethora of followers who trail behind these reefs and continue to support their ministries. I can only guess at their shallow theologies. God help us!

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  1. Well, John, it seems to me that you, too, felt a need to warn your readers of the growing tide of witless theology!

    Good blog, friend!