Wednesday, January 16, 2008

CREATIONISM: One more time for the record - God is transcendent!

After 27 years of personal struggle with the naturalism versus supernaturalism conundrum, I've finally resolved what it is I believe ... sort of! In the beginning, my faith latched easily onto a belief that God created the natural order supernaturally ... after all, I thought, He said He did!

But, naturalists (Darwinians, Evolutionists, et al) have asked us to explain ourselves in the light of scientific evidences and discoveries ... that's a reasonable request and should be answered rationally and reasonably by those of us (not necessarily implying myself) gifted to do so.

Here is my humble conclusion regarding all 6,000 years of man's inquiries into the natural order ...
My God's Science trumps their god's science, my God's Ignorance trumps their god's knowledge, my God's foolishness trumps their god's wisdom, and my God's weakness trumps their god's power.
I could cite 1 Corinthians 1:18-21, but that could legitimately be seen as circular reasoning by non-believers; so I will stand on the transcendent and infinite nature of my God. He is, after all, my God, not their god ... I can define Him anyway my mind, heart, spirit, and soul lead me to believe Him to be.

The Creator in whom I believe is not a part of His created order, He transcends it. Outside of His revelation of what lies outside the created order, I have no window into it ... it is hidden from me. But I do know this: if the God in whom I believe is able to create the universe and all that it holds, then He must be bigger than it.

Likewise, if He created it, then, as creator of it, He holds its science in His hand ... ergo, He must have a science which trumps its science. And so on ... !

Now, because of my "circular reasoning" I can say with absolute certainty (and a straight face) that, in spite of scientific evidence to the contrary: the natural order was created, evolution is a lie; life begins at conception, abortion is murder; there is no life on other planets, UFOs are fiction; and Christ did come in the flesh.

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