Friday, January 11, 2008

JIHADI ROULETTE: Deadly Gamesmanship in US Defense Department!

With imbeciles like this in our defense bureaucracy, the United States doesn't have a chance of surviving this century ... maybe not the next decade.
this month, [Washington Time]'s Bill Gertz reported on ... the termination of Maj. Stephen Coughlin (USAR). Mr. Coughlin, a lawyer and reserve military intelligence officer, has been the Pentagon's sole specialist on Islamic law charged with lecturing senior officers on jihad doctrine — military leaders who have been fighting the so-called war on terror for years without an inkling of Islamic ideology. His contract with the Joint Staff will end in March, Mr. Gertz wrote, because Mr. Coughlin "had run afoul of a key aide" to the Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England.
I know mushrooms grow in moist, hot, smelly, dark places but where do this idiots come from???

It's amazing to see our own leaders betraying us to a bunch of backward fanatics ... greatest country in the history of mankind falling to a people without a nation to call their own, and who have not contributed anything to the betterment of man for centuries.

Yes, Virginia, there is a God! And He is very upset with America!

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