Monday, June 30, 2008

ANTI-AMERICANISM: Out of the darkness comes the voice of reason!

The result of 25-plus years of this destructive and dehumanizing ideology [Conservatism] ruined America, dismantled social safety nets, demonized the poor, destroyed jobs and education funding – and turned American society to one that is unbearable for all except the rich and the well off. […]

What was largely with brutal craft of Ronald Reagan may take Americans 25-plus years to repair and undo. What is most alarming is that this brutal and dehumanizing social economic system now seeking to infect European society and give it these same illnesses that have left America a human wasteland.

Europeans must identify this strain of virus called American conservativism – and inoculate itself against it… Yellow Stars
HT: The Brussels Journal

This is all very interesting. How is it then that the major source of aid in Myanmar was US aid? And recently in Bangladesh, and earlier in India? And last year in Peru? And a few years ago in Iran? All while taking on Katrina and Rita!

And "this strain of virus called American conservativism," what about its impact on AIDS in Africa? A Bush program?

Where, pray tell, has the UN been in the war on AIDS in Africa? Oh that's right, it's been busy sending child molesters and rapist security personnel to the dark continent!

And that awful tsunami that took over 200,000 souls? Were those "brutal and dehumanizing" naval vessels off the shores of Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia? They must have had holds full of conservative propaganda!

And then there is this story in the news today -
The United States will spend an additional $1.25 billion on international food aid donations this year and next as donor countries seek to blunt the effects of soaring food prices on the world's poor.
And this just in -
A United States freighter began unloading tons of American wheat in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, on Monday, as the government agreed to give international aid workers unprecedented access to its isolated, hunger-stricken territory, the United Nations World Food Program said.

The shipment is the first installment of 500,000 tons in promised American aid to be distributed by the World Food Program and American groups like Mercy Corps. The aid, and the North Korean agreement to invite 50 more food program experts and a consortium of American relief agencies, followed recent progress in efforts to end the North’s nuclear weapons program.
Those damnable sumsabeaches! They use any trick they can find to snooker those ignorant savages and export their sick "American Conservatism." Get me a syringe, quick! Poor people are being fed by these Reagonian ogres!

Who do they think they are fooling with these government orchestrated disaster stories out of Iowa and Missouri? And those fake fires in California? Conservative propaganda to conceal their failure to take care of there own.

Where do people like this idiot E. S. LaPorte come from? And why do people give a hoot what she thinks?

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  1. Oh, to send Ms. LaPorte and the rest of the globalists to Siberia would be a joy! Thanks for the apologetics, although we definitely give out too much foreign aid. Disaster aid is okay, but in Myanmar and other military dictatorships, it merely helps prop up and popularize the despotic regimes.