Monday, June 30, 2008

ISLAM: On lacking common sense or contact with reality?

The fact there are thousands of people in the Western World who do not understand the following but, rather, accept the contra, scares the hell out of me and makes me fear for my children and their children's children.
A quote from a comment at the New English Review blog, 29 June 2008

[The Belgian politician Jean-Marie] Dedecker spends a suspiciously inordinate amount of time trying to morally equate the Jews and the Muslims. But of course Jews are not flying airplanes into the sides of skyscrapers, or blowing up pizzerias or buses or trains with bomb vests, or lobbing mortars at Muslim schools, and using quotes from the Torah to justify it. Zionism is the belief that Jews deserve to have a homeland where they can be relatively free from the threat of genocide; Islamism is the belief that Islam deserves to have the entire universe, and that it should be conquered with religiously sanctioned violence and genocide. Not only are these two concepts not similar, they are practically contradictory in every sense. HT: The Brussels Journal
Mankind's every fear, in spite of hundreds of years and hundreds of billions of international capital, is being realized. The inmates have the keys to the asylum's control center and are not afraid to use them.

God help the world.

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