Saturday, July 19, 2008

HOMOSEXUALS: LGBT - a gaggle of bullies!

HOMOSEXUALS: LGBT - a gaggle of bullies!
Though the people of California have voted their opinion of same-sex marriage more than once, those a little light in their loafers have risen from their soiled beds and thrown back the majority each time.

Apparently, finding cowards and co-conspirators among
California's legislative and judicial elites is as easy as staging a leftist parade in Berkley without a permit.

But the tables were recently turned when the state's Supremes ruled an amendment to the constitution to declare marriage in California "between a man and a woman" could go forward on the November 4 ballot.

Not being able to take no for an answer, even since childhood, these middle-aged neo-hippies took up bullying as a means to their ends.

inability to allow the majority to rule reminds me of what Antony Flew recently said of atheist Richard Dawkins: "they have become what they and their fellow secularists typically believe to be an impossibility: namely, secular bigots." [CRIB paraphrase]

Flew clarifies that his "copy of The Oxford Dictionary defines a bigot as ‘an obstinate or intolerant adherent of a point of view.’"

There is no question in my mind any longer, some of the biggest bigots in our culture today are gays, black activists, democrats, feminists, and liberals of every hue.

I find it offensive to the nth degree that the lucre-marinated, boycott obsessed, free speech spouting LGBT would object to Doug Manchester and others exercising their freedom to speak their convictions and spend their money as they see fit.

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