Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NEW YORKER: A college education is no guarantee of intelligent life!

Obama says New Yorker insulted Muslim Americans | Yahoo! News
Rush got this one right ... he said today, before his golden EIB microphone, The New Yorker was trying to blindside conservatives, but ended up poking themselves in the eye. [my loose paraphrase]

Publication of the
above cover is generating thousands of additional readers and millions of dollars worth of free advertising ... but controversy continues all around. I have to admit Obama's response in the linked report is far better than the left's response.

What the left needs to remember: if the Big Apple's flagship magazine were in leftist Canada they'd be sued and forced before a human rights tribunal. How good is it to live and work in America? Better than they can imagine.

If libel terrorists had their way the New Yorker and all other American publications would be prevented from exercising any rights of free
speech and press.

But overall, reading the MSM and the blogosphere, I'm left with the feeling Phil Gramm was also right but didn't go far enough ... we're not only a nation of whiners, we also take ourselves way too serious.

My friend Mark Coffey of Decision '08 fame said it best ...
I love this country, but I’m not so fond of many of its citizens. We are now so stupid that perhaps an enlightened despotism would be the best form of government going forward (note to those suffering from irony deficiencies - I’m kidding!) …

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