Sunday, August 31, 2008

FREEDOM: Love it and defend it ... or this!

If it hadn't been in the WSJ I would have doubted this story ...
Police arrested and shot to death Sunday the head of an Internet news service who had been critical of authorities in the volatile Caucasus province of Ingushetia.

The death of Magomed Yevloyev, owner of the Web site, is certain to further ratchet up tensions in the region which, along with the neighboring province of Chechnya, has been a haven for militant opponents to Kremlin authority. In recent weeks, the Kremlin has tightened security in Ingushetia, apparently fearing Russia's enemies may stir up trouble there while its troops have been occupied in Georgia.
The story is incomplete in the linked page because it i's a teaser to a WSJ subscription page.

However, other news services are reporting the same story; being unsuccessful with democracy the Soviets have indeed returned to their old tricks.
In Moscow, Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said in a statement that Yevloyev was detained by police and died in an "incident" while being taken to police headquarters for an interrogation. Markin did not elaborate, saying that a check to clarify the circumstances of Yevloyev's death had begun. The committee is under the Prosecutor General's office.

Yevloyev has angered regional authorities with bold criticism of police treatment of civilians in the region. A court in June ordered him to shut his site on charges of spreading "extremist" statements, but it reappeared under a different name.
I'm thinking - with recent geopolitical developments in mind, who do I really want to see in the White House next year?

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