Friday, August 01, 2008

HYPOCRISY: Abject discrimination against Christians is understandable!

Yesterday, I was relieved to see the 11th U. S. Circuit Court in Atlanta ordered the University of Florida to recognize a Christian fraternity [07/30/2008 |; see also Court Orders University to Recognize Christian Fraternity |]

The court issued an injunction against UF on Wednesday, allowing a lawsuit filed by the fraternity to move forward; BYX (Beta Upsilon Chi; or Brothers Under Christ) is "a 23-year-old fraternity currently allowed on at least 20 other campuses nationwide."

This case reminds us of the overt anti-Christian discrimination going on around the world today; while it appears Islam is given a pass by the Cristophobes of the world.

In light of the church's historical and privileged status, but reflected off her recent scandals (pervert priests in the RCC), open discrimination against the people of Christ has begun to be more understandable ...

Two things can be said about Islam's adherents
... first, they give the appearance of being united in their global cause and, second, they are demonstrably willing to die for their beliefs.

Neither of these two things can be said of Christians today!

Understanding this difficult truth sheds light on why non-Muslims and non-Christians have seemingly elevated Islam to poster-child status; this elevation manifests itself in the form of blatant discrimination and palpable disdain by prominent individuals and institutions ... and is often accompanied by a joyous press and a defective judiciary.

This, I believe, is caused by man's natural revulsion to hypocrisy.
"a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess"
Pretense amongst Christians is at an all time high in the Western church; the result is ... {UPDATE - consider SUNDAY FIBBERS (8/4/08)}

a condition sincerely and generally believed to be true ... for example - all Christians consider themselves to holier than their unbelieving neighbors.
And news like "Evangelist puts wife in freezer and goes on preaching" does not help.
Acting as an accelerant for the embers of pretense is ...

LEADERSHIP HYPOCRISY: factual or fictional, real or rumored, failures of well known church leaders cause many outside the church to roll their eyes at her ... for example - Paulk Brothers, Lonnie Latham, or David Seamands.

Now, with the fires blazing, we throw caution to the wind and begin adding dynamite to the flames; the worst of our sins are manifested by ...

MORAL HYPOCRISY: All the above leadership failures were moral failures as well. So carnal is immorality that Paul begins with them when he catalogs the deeds of the flesh.

I could go on, but what's the point; examples of contemporary Christian hypocrisy abound (e.g., Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton,
Robert Roberts, etc.)

I'm convinced the Church herself has only her self to blame for the height, breadth, width, and depth of her discrimination dilemma ... sadly, our brothers and sisters in the global south are paying the price right along with their arrogant, greedy, nominal, materialistic, whiny, apostate cousins in the West.

There is no doubt in my mind or heart that this would never enter my thoughts if the Western church were healthy and righteous ... if she were, our churches would be full, per capita percentages would spike, and the in-fighting would disappear ... not only that, we would be acting like we would die for our faith as the Muslims do!

Today, non-believers can't drink their morning coffee without reading an account of some new hypocrisy amongst her members. The CRIB is full of examples. God help us, I pray!

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