Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MUSLIMS: They can't be appeased once they're offended!

A new wave of deadly unrest in Indian Kashmir is a reminder that a peace process between India and Pakistan has failed to alleviate the frustrations of the region's Muslims ... .
Therein lies the problem! Using simple observation and anyone's general history of Islam, we must conclude Muslim "frustrations" can't be alleviated until everything is going their way, and only their way.

Apparently, once Muslim have been "offended," they've no mechanism in their teachings to consider the interests of others as more important than their own. Nor do they have any teaching to love their neighbors as themselves.

Their only observable teaching in these cases is thuggery and butchery.

The greatest commandment in Judaism and Christianity is to love God with your all in all ... Muslims loudly profess they love their Allah with all their being, even to the point of death, but fail miserably when it comes to the second greatest command: to love their neighbors ... even Muslim neighbors.

To Jews and Christians, this is supposed to be our second most important commandment from God.

This is a dangerous situation for the world ... what with Muslim unrest from the Philippines to Spain, from Denmark to Morocco, from Georgia to Sudan, and Western China to Kashmir.

If the followers of Islam continue on this path, the global community will rise up against the threat and stop it ... I hope, maybe, perhaps, possibly ... well maybe the recent global reaction to Russia's invasion of Georgia tells a different story.

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