Tuesday, August 19, 2008

RUSSIA: What I'm learning from all the bad news from the Caucasus!

The NRO Editors on Russia & Georgia
First, I've discovered the War on Terror, the 2008 Presidential election, and the Olympics are not the only news in the world ... apparently the MSM was just waiting for something to divert their attention.

Stories on Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan have dwindled to a trickle in my news feeds.

Second, I've learned that Russia may not be in the driver's seat after all ...

Russia is a fundamentally weak power enjoying temporary strength through high oil prices. It has overplayed its hand in Georgia — and is likely to find the results increasingly damaging as time goes by. That should warn it against overplaying its hand geopolitically. And the West should stress that thought.
Click on over to NRO to read an interesting list of reasons Russia overplayed its hand. Let's hope so.

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