Thursday, September 11, 2008

GIBSON: ABC's Palin interview accomplishes nothing for the left!

The point of this post is not to congratulate Governor Palin for one-upping ABC's Charles Gibson, or to bash Gibson for his condescending and irritating smugness, or to reveal some money quote everyone else missed!

No, it's to complain loudly about the media's continued presumption that they and they alone determine who runs for national office in this country, and with what credentials they must run. Who died and left them in charge of our elections?

When anyone, myself included, filters questions through his own worldview, the interview ceases to be investigative journalism and it becomes a stealth opinion piece.

Gibson's, over the top of his glasses, interrogation was the epitomy of staged foolishness. Palin's chair was obviously lower than his, giving her a hunchbacked posture (they must have removed the ticking from her seat); his questions were designed to catch the lady in a faux paux. And the lower camera angle, used to shoot from the starboard side of the duo, added an extra six inches to Gibson's height.

Our nation is a free and democratic republic, we abide by the rule of law and the paramount law of this land is our Constitution.

I find nowhere in the body of that great document (specifically concerning who qualifies for election) that any American, once meeting the citizenship and age limits, must endure an arbitrary and hostile media gauntlet or that they must present a said certain resume in order to run national office.

Our nation's leaders are elected by popular vote, under an electoral college umbrella. Any citizen may run for the office of Vice President (assuming citizenship and age qualification) and, if elected by the people, may serve until his or her term expires or until removed for cause, regardless of experience. That's what prevents us from becoming a nation of elitists ... like Charles Gibson.

I am so sick of the mindless main stream media and their leftist/socialists friends. I thought I was sick of politicians ... that was nothing to the nausea I'm having over
the American media and their global cousins.

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