Saturday, September 20, 2008

PALIN: HBO's "Real Time" and its hand puppets crippled mentally!

A homosexual resident alien, a gifted Jamaican rapper/songwriter, a foreign activist conspiracy theorist, and a potty-mouthed cristophobic "has been" comedian, have decided "we" must not elect Sarah Palin President.

First off, she's running for Vice President, though you'd think she was running for the big job the way they fear her.

Second, in spite of illegals messing with our elections, only citizens votes count in American elections.

And, most importantly, we are no longer colonists Naomi and Andy! Do you recall a little thing called the War of Independence? Where do British and Canadian citizens get off telling us who to proffer for elected office.

Their problem with Palin really sounds like she is just too nice, too personable, too clean, too decent, too grass roots, too rural, too happy, too religious, and too much NOT like them!

If you can stand it, video here. If you want more ... here. I'll pray for ya'al!

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