Friday, September 05, 2008

PALIN: The soon to be infamous Wallisa letter!

In order to be true to my principles I must report on the now infamous Wallisa letter regarding GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin.

The letter can be found here, with context and a qualified authentication. The letter is not complimentary to the new GOP star.

Witness BoxMy initial reaction was, "Oh, no! Not again?" But then I reminded myself, there truly are two sides to every story. "Wait," I said, "until the McCain-Palin campaign has a chance to respond."

And my greatest mentor, experience, has taught me to be wary of a single reporter out of a known universe of potential reporters.

I can't tell you how many times I have been accused of wrong doing by someone who has convinced a friend, a peer, a neighbor, a fellow believer, a church member, a deacon, a co-worker, a family member, or whatever, that I am as guilty as sin. To this day there are many who continue to believe these tales ... but they were and are false.

In some cases, the accuser really believed what he or she claimed ... however, in virtually every case this could have been changed had they been in possession of one tiny bit of overlooked information, or had they spoken personally with me.

The writer of the letter, Anne Kilkenny, may be sincere in her criticisms and even believe them to be entirely true. But I am now having a real problem with the letter. Something is smelly in Denmark and it ain't pickled herring!

I've always been a good observer of humans, and a fair objective evaluator of their genuineness.

I look at Todd and Trig Palin and see two remarkably familiar personalities; not the kind that would be husband to or son of the woman spoken of in the letter. Now the letter is beginning to take on a sinister and wicked aroma.

I also recall the way the family surrounded Levy and Bristol after their dumb mistake and offered grace and welcome; the woman I saw mothering in this case is not the woman spoken of in the letter.

Then Sarah's mother and father came to mind; these were not the parents of the woman in the letter.

And then images of John and Cindy McCain on stage with the Palins came to my mind; these two powerful but gentle and good shakers and movers would not have selected the woman spoken of in the letter.

And no matter who might have prepared Sarah Palin for her speech the other night, they could not have fooled 34+ million Americans.

No, the letter is real, but the woman in the letter is not!

For whatever the reasons, Anne Kilkenny has spun her yarn and it is out there for people to make up their minds, it won't be used in my life or change my opinion of Sarah Palin.

Keep in mind the teaching of Scripture: it is on the basis of two or more witnesses that a thing is found true to others.

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