Thursday, September 04, 2008

PALIN: Superlatives unnecessary!

The CRIB realizes it is preaching to the choir when it reacts to last night's Sarah Palin RNC speech, but these thoughts need to be recorded by this observer:

First, Joshua Trevino sums it up for his European audience in The Brussels Journal ...
I don’t know how it played on TV. I don’t know what the news media said. I don’t know how the pundits assessed the speech. I don’t know what narratives the blogs are spinning. I only know what I saw. I only know what I felt. I only know what effect Sarah Palin had on the thousands of men, women and children assembled to hear her accept the Republican nomination for Vice President of the United States. I only know what word describes all that best.

The word is
Second, blindfolds are now standard issue for the American press and they are almost 100% effective. For example ...
CRIS MATTHEWS: Pat I recognize a tactic here. Start a fight with the press. Establish your underdog status. Take them on. Win public approval. Is that what's going on here with the candidacy and nomination of Sarah Palin?

PAT BUCHANAN: No I think it's utterly foolish to say that Sarah Palin has started a fight with the press. The press has been savage on her and feral on her. Ever since she was nominated she's been an obsession of the press. She's been attacked. Her daughter's pregnancy has got two or three stories on the front page of the New York Times. It has been a disgraceful performance by the press. Fred Thompson took it on last night and I certainly hopes she takes it on tonight. Because quite frankly it is a battle that the press started and the conservatives and the Republicans really ought to finish.

MATTHEWS: Well it could be said, Pat, that your part of that strategy right now, because of what you're saying. Savagery is a strong word.


MATTHEWS: It seems like this is old political tactics. Start a fight with the media, the establishment. Portray yourself as the underdog.

EUGENE ROBINSON, WASHINGTON POST: Absolutely, absolutely. Look, who knew that Republicans were so sensitive and finely attuned to any whiff of sexism or ageism or anything like that? I wasn't aware that the Republicans were, were such hothouse flowers about all this stuff.


NORAH O'DONNELL: There is one important thing to point out. The media is not attacking Sarah Palin. The media has done investigative pieces, in their job, about the way Sarah Palin was chosen.
That so many, with so much to offer, can offer so little, and be so unaware of it is beyond shameful.

And, third, a few partially objective media types other than Buchanan are seeing the same thing ...
JOHN KING [in a moment of self-critique]: To say the Right is running the Republican campaign -- if that means these people are the Right, then Carl's exactly right. But we didn't say, during the Democratic convention... all those delegates down on the floor -- you know, many of them were members of the Left.
And also this ...
ANDERSON COOPER: I will also say I didn't hear people talking about who was the speech writer for any of the Democrats' speeches.


COOPER: It seem we're only highlighting who the speech writer is for her speech.
Okay, you see it, now what? There in lies the conundrum for the American media ... if history is any indicator - NOTHING!

They will, collectively, go right on abusing members of any class of people who do not agree with them and their worldview.

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