Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RACISM: The real racists are no longer white!

Blacks can spin it anyway they want but the arrow still points squarely at racists! Writing for RCP, Dennis Pragar says ...
Seven weeks before the 2008 presidential election, liberals are warning America that if Barack Obama loses, it is because Americans are racist. ....

That an Obama loss will be due to racism is becoming as normative a liberal belief as "Bush Lied, People Died," a belief that has generated intense rage among many liberals.
The double standard on who is and who is not a racist cannot hide the overwhelming percentage of blacks voting for Obama just because he is black.
The deep emotional connection that nearly every black American has to an Obama victory is difficult for even empathetic non-blacks to measure. A major evangelical pastor told me that even evangelical black pastors who share every conservative value with white evangelical pastors, including pro-life views on abortion, will vote for Obama. They feel their very dignity is on the line.
I remember attending San Jose State College (pre-university days) when Tommie Smith was setting a world record every time he set foot on the track. I recall eating in the campus cafeteria and watching the blacks segregating themselves from the rest of us ... Smith and John Carlos included.

This was during the 60s, when America was trying to right the wrong of white-racism.

I remember being at a Southern Baptist pastors retreat in California about ten years ago, listening to a black pastor and a black youth pastor explain to me and a white friend why they hoped and prayed that we and every other white-American would experience the humiliation and degradation that they felt and had felt.

To our shock they told us they hoped and prayed that this country and its whitey culture would crumble in a heap just so they could see whites go through what their people have gone through.

These were men who were consecrated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ - the one known as The Truth, The Life, and The Way!

To this day my friend and I remain dumbfounded because of what we heard these two "men of God" reveal to us at that little round table over coffee.

For 40 years, liberals have described the most open and tolerant society on earth as racist and xenophobic. If Barack Obama loses, the results of this liberal depiction of America may become frighteningly apparent.
The vast majority of Americans ... democrat and republican, black and white, Native and Asian, what ever ... know that the vast majority of Americans are nowhere near racist; yet most liberal Americans, especially those in or out of academia, and the MSM do!
Why do liberals believe that if Obama loses it will be due to white racism?

One reason is the liberal elite's contempt for white Americans with less education -- even if they are Democrats.

A second reason is that it is inconceivable to most liberals that an Obama loss -- especially a narrow one -- will be due to Obama's liberal views or inexperience or to admiration for John McCain.

The third reason is that the further left you go, the more insular you get. Americans on the left tend to talk only to one another; study only under left-wing teachers; and read only fellow leftists. That is why it is a shock to so many liberals when a Republican wins a national election -- where do all these Republican voters come from?
Prager predicts ...
... if Obama loses, liberal rage will focus on millions of fellow Americans and on American society.

And it could become a rage the likes of which America has not seen in a long time, if ever. It will first and foremost come from within black America.
I pray that those who've trained themselves to be colorblind with regard to race will rise up and angrily tell the spoiled liberal brats to be quiet and return to their rugs and finish their nap.

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