Sunday, October 12, 2008

ELECTION 2008: There's just no explaining the mind of half of American voters!

I must admit to extreme frustration with my countrymen ... how can 50% of our adult population justify placing an untested, unvetted socialist in the Oval Office? Based almost totally on feelings.
What is it about the human condition that we seem never to learn from the past, much less from others? Why do we keep making the same mistakes, over and over again? [...] And yet half of these average American voters appear ready to hand the White House to a totally unproven candidate whose principal claim to fame seems to be his stirring, if largely empty, rhetoric. No matter that he has, since his youth, fraternized with extreme leftist radicals ... [Thompson - WT]
It's flat out inexplicable.
Can so many average Americans turn a blind eye to Barack Obama's self-proclaimed "spiritual mentor" for 20 years, a man so radical he routinely spews anti-white hate and brazenly implores God to damn America? [Thompson - WT]
Are Americans so sick of their political class that they are willing to gamble their country away?
A great many moderates and conservatives are worn out and tired of Bush and Bush hatred, the European furor, serial charges of racism and illiberalism, and finally, in their weariness, think that Obama will, in a variety of ways, just make all the ickiness go away–as if he will make all of us be liked abroad and end racial and red/blue fighting at home. [VDH - PJ]
McCain is no diamond on black velvet but at least he's been under a lot of pressure for a long time ... yet he might make diamond grade in the next eight years.
Obama, as I have said ad nauseam, has brilliantly prepped the battlefield to such a degree that a Farrakhan endorsement or surrogates calling Palin a quasi-Nazi or a bimbo, or smearing McCain as near senile is irrelevant; yet one screamer in a crowd of tens of thousands is proof of McCain’s and Palin’s racism and hatred. [...]

... for a self-acclaimed conservative to vote Obama would mean that higher taxes, larger government, more entitlements, more of a UN-centered foreign policy, dialogue with an Iran, less coal,oil, and nuclear energy production at home, more “oppression” studies and “reparations”, leftish Supreme Court judges, open borders (I could go on) were the truly conservative positions, or perhaps suddenly truly the ‘right’ positions.
[VDH - PJ]
All of this is true and so frustrating. Yet the thing that frustrates me even more is the pain I feel in my back from the knife wound inflicted by George W. during his first four years ... signing every spending bill sent to him. A betrayal I'll never forget. Almost as bad as his dad's, "read my lips"!

Now I have another pain, watching McCain and Palin playing the chastised and chagrined; the former due on Letterman soon and the latter kissing up to SNL. Someone get me a sea sickness pill.

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