Monday, October 13, 2008

ISLAM: Call me an Islamophobe but ... !

Some day, perhaps not in my lifetime, WWIII will commence. A war of the west against the evil empire of the east - Islam. Not everyone on either side will be in favor of this conflict but its commencement and conduct are not in the range of their control.

The North American theatre is well under way, with Canada going as Europe goes. The USA front has a unique character to ti ...
Many black racists ... are key figures in [a] “stealth” jihad, whose prime recruiting grounds are the U.S. prisons and mosques where inmates and worshippers alike are taught to embrace a radical Islam engaged in an apocalyptic battle against America.
The European theatre of this Third Jihad has almost resulted in a Eurabia, a union of the EU (not with popular support either) and the Arabian states of the Middle East (Israel was not invited ... go figure).

Our ally, Saudi Arabia, W's close desert friends, is footing the bill for the Jihad's foot soldiers in the land of the free ...
... Saudis ... have spent many millions of dollars funding a majority of America’s mosques, and have dispatched Imams from a number of Middle Eastern nations to settle in the U.S. as missionaries.

Faheem Shuaibe, an Imam at a predominately black mosque in California, says that Saudi Arabia has set up “a very deliberate recruitment process … trying to find black Muslims who had a real potential for Islamic learning and also for submission to their agenda” of Wahhabi extremism.
Some might say these clandestine enemies don't stand a chance against our intel services, but need I remind you of the 9/11, Iraq, and Taliban failures of recent years? I would suggest my fellow Americans not put much faith in either ourdomestic or our international operations.
Pakistani religious leaders Sami ul-Haq and Fazrul Rehman predict that “in the next 10 years, Americans will wake up to the existence of an Islamic army in their midst—an army of jihadis who will force America to abandon imperialism and listen to the voice of Allah.”
The belief among Muslims worldwide is that America is the new Crusader. The belief among black American racists is that all whiteys are still fundamentally non-reformable slavers.
Other black racist Islamists play less glamorous but equally significant roles as Imams at major mosques in the U.S.; as chaplains in prisons and jails; and as radical figures who haunt American higher education by advising and speaking for organizations such as the Muslim Students Association (MSA) on campuses across the nation.

Whatever audience they target, they speak a lingua franca of anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-American hatred—all in the name of Allah.
The Judeo-Christian focus on the next life as opposed to the Muslim focus on this life is a powerful and dividing force; one that allows the former to coexist in this world, but forces the other to conquest of this world.

WWIII is coming, as sure as the sun will rise in the morning ... unless the sun that rises tomorrow is the Son that has risen.

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